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Rocket Tools at Work

photos by Chris Bossardet

HOLLOW-PRO™ ROCKET tools are professional, fast and efficient hollowing tools for making hollow vessels up to about 7" high x about 7" diameter. These 8" tools have 3/8" shafts to allow hollowing through very small, restricted openings. The tools use replaceable #1 size carbide cutters and are designed to fit into any large handle with a 3/8" or 1/2" opening. (Tip: place the screws from these handles on the side or top of the tools, so the bottom will slide smoothly on the tool rest)

The round shafts of these tools can be rotated slightly to make clean "shear" cuts and the bent tool is also very useful for undercutting the openings on larger hollow vessels.
Set of one straight and one bent tool includes replaceable Hunter #1 carbide cutters for clean cuts and durability, and a Torx wrench for rotating and replacing the cutters as needed.

Notes On Use of Hollow-Pro™  Rocket Tools
The Hollow-Pro™ Tools  3/8" ROCKET straight tool is a very versatile and efficient tool that can be used to remove wood quickly and easily from hollow vessels and open bowls. It also works very well for hollowing out boxes.

The Hollow-Pro™ Tools 3/8" ROCKET  bent tool was designed to hollow vessels up to about 7" in diameter, but is also intended to be used on larger pieces as well. By using the smaller tool to undercut the first portion of larger vessels the tool rest is closer, resulting in a cleaner cut and greater control. The larger Hollow-Pro™ Tools  bent tools can then be used to continue hollowing pieces up to about 14-15" diameter.


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